10 Incredible Power Tools That Will Genuinely Please You

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Well I am the sort of person who simply loves to do some wood work in my free time. This means that I need to have the necessary tools in hand. Now most of you do not have the time to rush to shops and get hold of the tools. Well here I have a prepared a list of tools that will help you create your projects with ease.

Power Tools that are a necessity

Make sure that you keep the mentioned tools handy.

# 1 The useful Tablesaw


Well a Tablesaw is truly a valuable asset. When you have to rip your table nothing can work better than you very own Tablesaw. The best part is that your Tablesaw is most suitable for cross-cuts as well. It will not be a problem to set the angle and the depth of the blade. Once you are done with the setting then you just need to have an adjustable guide and you can cut through the wood with a lot of ease. Now the reason you should be using a Tablesaw is that it is portable and you can easily carry it around.


#2 Beneficial Palm Sanders

Palm Sanders

Now you often face an issue at home and that is you need to remove paint from surfaces or smooth surfaces. Well your best help in this regard can be a Palm Sander. It is a practical and valuable tool. If you a lot of DIY projects in hand then this tool will be able to provide you the perfect assistance. When you compare a Palm Sander with a Belt Sander then you will feel that the Palm Sanders are comparatively faster in comparison to the Belt Sander. The Palm Sander even has a bag so that the dust can be caught there.

#3 The endless advantages of an Air compressor

California Air Tools CAT-10020 AA250The compressed air supply energy is an essential need for many tools and applications. Now even if you have a small air compressor at home, it can prove to be quite useful. These small air compressors prove to be quite valuable when you have to remove dust from different places or put air in the bike tires. Even if you have to indulge in delicate paint airbrushing then an air compressor can prove to be of great value. The best part is that you will find air compressors of various models and types. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

#4 The valuable and useful Router

Router Basics

The can truly prove to be an asset when you have to accomplish small tasks like cutting holes, shaping, finishing edges and creating grooves. When you have to create dovetails or raised panels then this task will not be possible unless you have a good quality Router at hand. When you have to create rounded edges then the Router will just make the job pretty simple for you. It is also quite easy to make bevels, dados and rabbets with the router. This means that you must have it at home and use it whenever you feel the need.

#5 The must have Band saw

Band saw

When you have a great quality bandsaw at hand then this definitely adds up to your creativity and you can do superb woodwork. Make sure that bandsaw is one of the first machines that you bring home. When you are buying a bandsaw the most important things that you need to look for is the capacity and the quality of the bandsaw. If your budget allows you to opt for a Bandsaw with greater capacity then you should go for a better one. When you are buying a Bandsaw make sure that it has steel frame of 16” and a cutting height of about 12”.


#6 The perfect Planer


One power tool that you should not miss out at all is a Planer. Well it plays an important role to shave off wood slices and revealing a smooth, flat and thin surface. There are times when you find it hard to close a door or a window. Well it might be a bit hard to use a bandsaw in such a situation. The Planer will do the job fast and will be able to smooth the surface in simply no time. Make sure that you get your hands on a Planer at the earliest. Planer will surely be pretty useful to you.

#7 Valuable Jigsaws

You can never deny the importance of a Jigsaw. Well the biggest quality about a Jigsaw is that it is lightweight so you will not find it a problem to move it around. A Jigsaw can help you make curved and straight cuts with ease. You can use Jigsaws on a variety of material including plywood, ceramic titles, metal, plastic and pure wood. You will not find it a complicated procedure to use your Jigsaw and that is the best part of having it. If you are working on a project that requires a lot of scrolling then the Jigsaw will prove to the be the perfect tool for you.

#8 Battery powered drill a real asset

Cordless Drill

Your list of power tools will not be complete without having a battery powered drill. It is essential when you have to drill holes in walls. The only issue with a battery powered drill is that the power drains out quite quickly so you have to ensure that one extra battery is charged up. Avoid opting for very high voltage battery powered drills because then you will have to compromise on the weight of the drill. The good news is that battery powered drills do have a T-handle. This helps to avoid slippage and you can hold the drill with ease.


#9 The powerful Miter saw

Power Miter Saw

The biggest quality about a Miter saw is that you can use it for a number of woodwork projects. This tool can make the precise bevel cuts, angle cuts and cross cuts. It can easily chop lumber across grain. When you have a compound Miter saw then it will not be a problem for you to tip the blade to the side. This way you will be able to get two angled cuts with ease. When you have a compound Miter saw then crown molding will also not be an issue as well.  When you compare a standard Miter saw and a compound Miter saw then the compound Miter saw does have its edge.

#10 Superb Circular saw

Circular saw

Well there is no end to the benefits that you get with a Circular saw. The best part is that it is a portable tool. It can easily cut through bricks, hardwood and softwood. However, you need to be a bit careful when you are selecting a blade for a certain project. You get a variety of blades for a Circular saw that include abrasive, diamond and steel blades. Every blade has its own individual ability. Thus you should select the blade as per your requirement. When you are buying a Circular saw then you should look at the features of the tool. Always go for a quality Circular saw even if it is a bit expensive.


When I prepared this list of power tools I got each and every one of them. My toolkit was complete in no time.  You should also ensure that you keep all these tools handy at your place. This way you will not have to rush around to find them. Make sure that you leave your comments and share the article if it offered value to you.

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