10 Best Air Compressor For Car Tires & Truck (2019)

Having a fit to go car is our everyday essential, especially when we have to travel a bit more for the sake of reaching our workplace or for an important reason. Most of have to travel through long roads where you might not get any help nearby in case of issues with your car.

One of the most common issues you expect to confront is the lowered air pressure in your car tires. Though it is suggested that you should check the air pressure before you leave your home but the pressure may go down for any reason while you are on your way to your destination. For such purposes having one of the best portable air compressors for the car would do the perfect job to keep your car going smoothly all the way.  

These air compressors are available with some added features and could be a handy solution to your car needs when you need to check and inflate your car tires. Make sure to check if they come up with sufficient accessories to get attached to the tires, the pressure they are capable to provide CFM and PSI values, and the kind of power source they might need to run on.

Top 10 Best Portable Air Compressor For Car Tiers



#1 Black & Decker ASI300


#3 AUDEW Portable Air Compressor Pump

#4 VIAIR 400P Portable Compressor

​​#5 Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gallo​​​​​​​ns Horizontal/ Portable Air Compressor

#1 Black & Decker ASI300

You rarely would have heard someone having seriously negative remarks about any Black & Decker products. It is because of their credibility and this air station comfortably lives up to the expectations of its current and potential users. This is a multipurpose air compressor which you could entrust to inflate anything from a sports ball to a lawnmower or to a vehicle tire. It runs on 120 volts so you can switch it into the house power switch easily. There comes an integrated gauge with the unit which keeps a check on the air pressure. It is good in the sense that you really do not need to take out the hose every time when a reading is required to be taken off the air pressure.


The shape and design of the compressor assure portability and easier storage. Starting with the performance, it offers 150 PSI of tank pressure at its maximum. It has a very user-friendly design with the oil-less pump being the best feature in the category that keeps the maintenance needs to the minimum. It offers 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI which is enough for most of the inflating tasks and also supports quick recovery time for the compressor. For, this purpose, you need to follow the instructions manual very carefully as any negligence could cause serious damage. Break-in procedure is also required when the compressor’s pump or the check valve has been replaced. On top of that, the instructions manual facilitates well about all aspects related to the usability of the product in a very comprehensive manner.

#3 AUDEW Portable Air Compressor Pump, Auto Digital Tire Inflator

This is the smartest thing on the market for a number of air tools and inflating tires jobs. It comes with various automatic, space saving and user-friendly features which please everyone. You will be amazed to know about its compact design which not only makes the unit easy to lift but also allows portability. You can trust this one product for multiple needs. It comes with 3 distinct tips which make it an ideal option for using it for the bikes, cars, RV, motorcycles, ATV, SUV, and truck etc. LED light is also available over the panel which is the first among many of the similar products available from different manufacturers. All in all, it is a valuable deal for the price it comes at.

#4 VIAIR 400P Portable Compressor

This portable type air compressor is available to please its clients with all genuine features and no marketing gimmicks at all. Yes, you can port it with ease, just as its minimal size and reasonably lightweight allows it. When it comes to the connectivity dynamics then 12 V operational requirement pleases most of the users. For hard jobs, its maximum power of 150 PSI gives more than your needs. The 2.3 CFM of the free flow is allowed by the compressor given @ 0 PSI. Additionally, the unit has an oil-less design which is further backed-up with the convenience of its dual battery. The dual clamps ensure to clamp safely with the 40 AMP inline fuse draw. Not to forget that you need the engine in the running state all the time, while the compressor has to be in use.

#5 Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gallo​​​​ns Horizontal/ Portable Air Compressor

It is all about the impressive range of top quality features what makes this air compressor, what it actually is. It is a compact and horizontal 3-gallon tank with the capability of producing 0.36 CFM at the rate of 90 PSI. It operates with 120 volt that is available in your house electrical outlet. There are some useful accessories where the blow gun, coiled hose and the inflation fittings and needles add a lot of value to the overall productivity of the unit. The product is highly suitable for powering the air nailers, airbrushes and a range of upholstery projects as well, besides doing a reasonably good job for different tires. Conclusively, it is more of an entry-level air compressor considering its 0.37 CFM rating which is ideally suitable for nailers. However, if you have patience, then other mentioned jobs could be handled as well.

#6 Bostitch BTFP02012 6 Gallon 150 PSI Oil-Free Compressor

Bostitch 6 Gallon compressor is one of the best air compressors that have a wide range of application ranging from running air tools to inflating the tires of the truck. In case if you have a heavy-duty vehicle or a truck that needs more air pressure and more CFM this compressor make sure you get the best performance without getting exhausted soon and proves to be the best portable air compressor for truck tires.

Most probably when you get the 12v air compressors they are smaller in size and can run on DC power. But due to its heavy duty work, the compressor needs to have an AC power source to run safely and smoothly and may seem considerably larger as compared to small sized compact air compressors. But despite its size, the compressor only weighs 29 pounds and can easily be carried anywhere you need it without any hassles and is portable.

The oil-free maintenance makes it even more economical and easy to use for busy people. There is no need of checking and filling lubricant and it works fine no matter the level of performance you are looking for. The pump is capable of delivering 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI which is enough for running air power tools as well as to inflate heavy duty tires. The maximum tank storage offers 150 PSI max and proves to be enough for running the tool for a long period of time and also features quick recovery for efficient performance.

The low-level noise makes sure you and your surrounding will not have to be affected by the annoying noise other compressors may give out. It also comes with high-pressure regulator and coupler for a better quality of performance.

#7 Goodyear i8000 120-Volt Direct Drive Tire Inflator

Goodyear offers some of the best and the most reliable inflators and compressors for the users. This one also comes with perfect performance capabilities and attachments to help people get the air pressure for their air tools and to inflate the tires to the desired level. The 18 ft. hose, valves, 6 ft. long power cord helps in a wide range of tasks when you have to take it to the workstation to complete the job.

Despite the heavy-duty function, the motor offers quiet and vibration free performance for easy use. The attachments and the adapter help in inflating a wide range of things you might have to take care of. The motor runs on 120 volts and the whisper quite system assure smooth and noise-free performance wherever you need.

Whether you have to inflate rafts, tires or keep your power tools running, the compressor gives the right level of air pressure as per your tool or the tire needs. Make sure to turn it off when the right PSI is reached as maximum air pressure reaches up to 150 PSI.

#8 Oasser Portable Air Compressor Mini Air Inflator

This is by far best portable air compressor for car tires as it’s a mini tire inflator that can be kept in your car and will not be a hassle to handle. The compressor is made up of stainless steel making it durable and long-lasting for the users. The unit is run by using a lithium battery and the pump is rechargeable and works fine for emergency situations.

It works fine using 120 Volt home power switch and can also run on DC cigarette charger of your car so you can use it anywhere anytime. The digital pressure gauge has a backlight for easier handling in the dark and you can test the tire pressure with ease.

It may not support big tires installed on trucks but is enough for SUVs and cars, bikes and any other medium or small sized tires.

It comes with 4 kinds of valves and two LED flashlights for helping you inflate tires or check when you are on your way on a dark road.

#9 PORTER-CABLE CMB15 150 PSI 1.5 Gallon Oil-Free Fully Shrouded Compressor

You need to have an air compressor tank with reasonably large air pressure capacity for conveniently inflating the tires of the cars. This one from Porter Cable manufacturer is right up there with 150 PSI of the maximum tank pressure that helps in storing supplementary air in the unit for the much longer duration. You can also scale down its use for a lighter job such as inflating sports balls or the tires of the bike and even the upholstery etc. On the other side, it offers 2.0 SCFM given @ 90 PSI which is good in enabling the compressor quickly for its recovery time. The 120 Volts low amp motor is ideal to be used in multiple situations and different weather conditions with ease.

#10 Life Line AAA 300 PSI 12 Volt DC Air Compressor

There is no hush-hush about the quality and long list of impressive features of this product from Life Line AAA manufacturer. There are some concerns as well but those never outclass the benefits that it has. It offers 300 PSI as the maximum pressure which is ideal for inflating car tires. The unit comes inclusive of 3 nozzle adapter which makes it further applicable for the inflating tasks apart from the car, SUV and RV etc. being its specialty. It has a high-quality construction which promises to last over a long time with far less maintenance required. Its compact size makes it ideal for easy carrying and storage of the product in the hood of your car or anywhere in your house.


Here in this article, we have reviewed top 10 best portable air compressor for the car, though some of these may not run on a car battery or cigarette lighter port they are still considered portable as you can carry it easily wherever you need and have a 120-volt power source for the compressor. Among the most desired features, the ones you should focus on is the portability, PSI and CFM and the oil-free functioning for lower maintenance and longer life.