5 Best Air Compressor For Home Garage and Shop 2020

Air compressors make a lot of tasks easier for you. They can help by enabling your air tools to work efficiently and fast enough to complete each and every task that you are working on. For powering air tools like nailers, paint guns, and other air tools, you can select best air compressor for a home garage with confidence as they could let you do the job consistently with higher efficiency and performance.

In addition to the level of air pressure, efficiency and performance you also have to make sure that the air compressor you need should match your task needs, tools capacity and the kind of work you want to do with them.

For home garage tasks like painting your car, your deck, or small jobs you might need to compare a few things and features of some of the best possible air compressors that support these task quite efficiently. These features could be the pressure and the airflow you need and the power they can give to your power tools.

To make sure you waste lesser time and find the best portab​​​​le air compressor for home garage tasks, we have sorted some of the best down here:

Top 5 Best Air Compressor For Home Garage




#1 Quincy QT-54 Splash Reciprocating Lubricated Air Compressor

​#2 Ingersoll-Rand Garage Mate SS3F2-GM Hot Dog Compressor

​#3 Campbell Hausfeld VT6271 Air Compressor

​#4 Ingersoll-Rand Garage Mate Model# P1.5IU-A9 - 2 HP, 5.5 CFM

​#5 NorthStar Belt Drive Portable Single-Stage Air Compressor

#1 Quincy QT-54 Splash Reciprocating Lubricated Air Compressor

There are many air compressors offering high-end performance, Great CFM and the plenty of features you might need to keep a good hold on them, but they might need more maintenance, more power, more facilities to work the way you need. This is not the case with this Quincy QT reciprocating air compressor. This is the one that comes lubricated and ready to work with least performance issues on its end.

The 5HP motor that works on 230 volts with 1 phase pushes the 60-gallon tank quite efficiently to give the pressure you need to complete your home garage job. It could be the best air compressor for the home shop if you have some medium level tasks to handle every day.

This works far beyond the home garage job rather this is an industrial standard compressor with American Baldor motor for the best and the consistent performance for doing any kind of high-end jobs.

To assure you can complete all your work without thermal overload issues, this one has thermal overload control for keeping you away from problems. The pump operates at 1310 RPM and offers 145 to 175 PSI. CFM at 90 PSI is 15.4 while at 175 PSI it's 15.2.

Since the compressor comes lubricated and designed to work at a reasonable RPM, with consistent performance, they are made to deliver long-lasting performance. They also offer low-cost functioning as you don’t have to keep maintaining it for better performance.

Lower RPM and lower temperature mean your compressor will keep throwing a good amount of compressed air without heating up. The compressor also assures 30,000 hours pump life and has a 1-year limited warranty. In case if you have an extended warranty kit purchased this would increase the limit to 2 years for the compressor and 3 years for the pump. The warranty also includes onsite parts and labor included. The drain system is manual so you have to keep an eye on it. The drain system is manual that means you will have to take care of that when using it.

#2 Ingersoll-Rand Garage Mate SS3F2-GM Hot Dog Compressor

When it comes to the garage jobs and DIY projects that involve air tools you have to have an air compressor that fits the needs of your air tools to keep them running consistently without getting exhausted. This Ingersoll-Rand hot dog shaped garage air compressor has been designed to match the needs of air tools quite easily.

The design is specifically fit to go anywhere no matter if you need it at your home or for a professional venture as it comes with wheel, you can take it along easily. The 2 HP compressor is capable to cope with 135 maximum PSI operating pressure.

The cast iron cylinder and frame make sure the compressor would be a reliable source for a long period of time. The compressor is not a noisy one and works with the lubricated belt that keeps the operational noise at its lowest.

The specific handle and the tires assure that you can move the compressor as per your convenience anywhere you need.

#3 Campbell Hausfeld VT6271 Air Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld air compressor is an example of a reasonably made air compressor that assures good performance for any DIY tools and task that you might be working on at home. This one comes with a 30-gallon capacity. This features a single stage 3.7 HP operational in it that perform well to run on a wide range of air tools at home or for professional use. The motor is capable of providing 10.2 CFM at 90 PSI and 11.5 at 40 PSI which is enough to help you work on any kind of project including staining, tire changing or powering any kind of air tool you might need to work with.

 The 30-gallon tank assures you can get consistent and reliable performance no matter how hard your job is. It also assures motor life for up to 5000 hours without any issues. The compressor comes with a 1-year limited warranty. It doesn’t create an annoying noise and would be reasonable to adjust with.

#4 Ingersoll-Rand Garage Mate Model# P1.5IU-A9 - 2 HP, 5.5 CFM

This is a heavy duty air compressor for your garage which is powerful enough to look after a variety of air compressing jobs, such as powering ratchets, impact guns, drills, and grinders etc. This one comes with a sturdy design and durable tank and motor, which helps in maintaining the integrity of the unit over a longer period of time. It has a resourceful compressor pump which is oil lubricated and that sets it up for a very reliable and solid performance over a good period of time. It does not need extra maintenance and makes sure to offer you a cheaper solution for your garage jobs at home.

The product is facilitated by a useful pressure switch to assure you know the pressure and the functional status of the compressor. The safety valve and pressure gauge with a regulator make sure you can monitor the pressure as per your needs to get the most desired performance for keeping your air tools under control. The operational noise is recorded to be around 75 to 80dB which assure that you will not have to bear with lots of noise around you and will keep you safe from any possible issues.

This one is perfect for DIY projects and may also be a good tool for professionals. It offers 5.2 CFM at 90 PSI and reaches up to the maximum of 135 PSI which is enough for dealing with medium level tasks. It operates at115 volts and uses a single phase 16 Amp motor. The air outlet size is 3/8 which is enough for running medium or small air tools at home.

#5 NorthStar Belt Drive Portable Single-Stage Air Compressor

This is a high-end air compressor for garage jobs and other professional tasks which could do a variety of air compressing jobs with utmost ease. This is all thanks to its 2 HP motor that offers consistent and powerful action to keep running the pump consistently. The operating voltage of the motor is 115V/ 230V which means that it can work at both voltages. Though it comes set up to work for 115 volts you can set it up to 230 volts with a little wiring adjustment. It is portable and also comes with a 6 ft cord so that you can move it around the workplace easily.

It would operate with 15/ 7.5 AMP with its dual voltage 2-cylinder induction motor for increased performance and long-lasting operational life.  It has a cast iron pump that offers durability and longer life with rust-free design. The single stage pump offers efficiency and is reliable. As far as the performance is concerned, then the compressor can give 5.0 CFM at 90 PSI and 6.0 CFM at 40 PSI which is enough for keeping most of the air tools running for the desired time without losing the

For home garage tasks you always need to shop air compressor and have a reliable air compressor that can back your air tools quite easily. You may also need to consider having a lower noise level so that it may be acceptable within your home garage without disturbing you and your neighbors.  

Here we have discussed some of the suitable air compressors that are surely suitable for DIY tasks and can also be used for professional jobs. Durability, reliability, and portability are some of the important features that are not to be ignored when choosing the best air compressor for home garage tasks. You should know the kind of work you will be doing or the tools you need to operate using the air compressor so that you know the required CFM at a particular PSI that your compressor is capable to provide.

You can find some of the best options in the above-given list that includes a good range of high-quality air compressors to choose from.