5 Best Air Compressor For Painting Cars, House & hvlp

Air compressor for painting is one of the most reliable tools to complete your paint job with the highest quality, with maximum efficiency and lesser time. For professionals and beginners choosing the most reliable, efficient and a high-quality air compressor for painting should be the main thing to do first. If you could compare and find the best air compressor for painting that you can find on the market, you can surely make your painting job easier to accomplish. 

Air compressors have some technical aspects that are to be considered in order to find the suitable one on the basis of its tank capacity, the CFM and PSI that determines the amount of paint sprayed and the pressure with which the pump is capable of spraying the paint. You may also need a suitable air compressor paint spray gun for better performance.

Here we’ll be discussing the best ​port​​​​able air compressor for painting, their features and the reasons these could be helpful for the painting projects in detail.




#1 California Air Tools 5510SE Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free 

​#2 DEWALT D55146 4-1/2-Gallon 200-PSI Hand Carry Compressor

​#3 NorthStar Portable Gas-Powered Air Compressor

​#4 Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor

​#5 Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor

#1 California Air Tools 5510SE Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free

This 5.5-gallon air compressor is an oil-free compressor that needs lesser maintenance can perform efficiently to provide clean and clear air for smooth tool function. The unit consists of a steel tank having the capacity to accommodate 5.5 gallons of air and offer ultra-quiet operation for smoother and easier use.

The compressor offers 3.10 CFM for 40 PSI and at 90 PSI it gives 2.20 CFM. This level of pressure and the amount of paint flow is reasonable for the perfect painting job. At its maximum, it can reach up to 120 PSI. The motor in this air compressor operates at 1.0 HP and has an increased duty cycle to give continuously longer run time for consistent compressor performance without any interruption.

Due to the fact, most of the air compressors that are used for painting have to work consistently at a constant pressure and CFM that requires an uninterrupted flow of the pain for high-quality results, they should control thermal overload actively. This one comes with protection against overload protector.

The ultra-quiet motor operates quietly and produces noise for up to 60 decibels only which is negligible and may not affect the user and the surroundings in any harmful way.

#2 DEWALT D55146 4-1/2-Gallon 200-PSI Hand Carry Compressor with Wheels

DEWALT offers some of the best industry standard air compressors that could be fit for heavy duty tasks. It could help in painting tasks and operating air tool used for professional purposes. The 200PSI and 4 ½ gallon capacity assures consistent and smoother airflow for better performance. With the maximum PSI, you can easily use as much as 80 percent of the usable air easily.

At 90 PSI it offers 5.0 CFM and the tank recovers quickly after being exhausted. Such a pressure enables the user to work with high-end painting job more easily and more quickly as compared to the lower PSI compressors.

Another important thing that makes this compressor suitable for regular and industrial paint jobs is the lowered operational noise that is around 78 decibels which is reasonable enough for such a heavy-duty operational unit. This ensures the safe and environmentally friendly function.

The compressor comes with tires made of 10-inch anti-flat foam helps in moving the unit anywhere you need on the job site. The vertical design and the tires along with the handle enable the user to move the compressor with least effort and no hassle involved.

It comes with an oil-free setup for lowered maintenance and higher efficiency and provides clean air for operating tool like nailers and paint guns.

#3 NorthStar Portable Gas-Powered Air Compressor

This air compressor is a bit different from the above-mentioned options because it’s a gas powered compressor that is easy to carry anywhere on the wheel it has with it. The ergonomic handle assures you can easily drag and take it to the job site.

The compressor uses Honda OHV 163cc engine that requires low oil levels. The heavy duty compressor consists of cast iron pump that gives longer life, better and persistent performance. This is a horizontal unit with a 20-gallon capacity.

The Swedish made steel valves with floating design make sure they will last longer than the average ones found in other compressors of the same kind.

The single stage pump operates on the belt driven system and comes with a V-shaped cylinder assuring consistent cooling and better performance. The compressor features low vibration design to give a smooth operation and performance without any issues.

It is quite possible that your compressor may get exhausted in the middle of your work that is surely interruptive and disturbing. This issue has been resolved in this compressor with the help of Honda engine gasoline powered compressor.

The most common cause of operation break up in compressors is the heat buildup and this issue is counter-attacked with the help of the V style cylinder ensuring longer and consistent pump life

#4 Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor (Best Air Compressor For Hvlp)

A must have if someone is in need of a powerful compressor as it is quite handy because of its powerful 240 volts 50 AMP motor that generates almost 4.7 horsepower with almost hundred percent performance accuracy. The pressure that is generated with the help of this compressor is up to 155- PSI which is excellent for the job. It possesses an eighty-gallon tank which is suitable for spraying paints and runs for a much longer time as compared to other compressors of the same type.

The whole body especially the tank which is made of strong forged steel is matchless for its durability. The lubricating system makes the working of the whole thing also quite convenient. The valves throughout are made of stainless steel and thus there is no danger or threat of their deformity at any rate. It is also different from the rest because of its three-cylinder design. The filters are with silencers and also the oil fill chamber is easily reached whenever cleaning is required. There is also a wired belt guard with the compressor which provides an extra edge to the device. The warranty is also increased to 2 years which shows the durability nature of the product.    

#5 Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor

Makita air compressor is known for its fast recovery because its newly designed piston that has no doubt enhanced its efficiency to a great deal. The performance of the compressor has improved. The compressor is with a 3 H.P motor that generates 6.5CFM. It doesn’t cover much of a space when stored as it is folded quite easily and doesn’t consume a lot of space at all. The lubricating system has decreased the depreciation level of the different parts of the compressor. 

A special compartment is made in its recent designs in order to store the accessories within the compressor instead of leaving them elsewhere with a threat of being lost. The body is constructed of cast iron that has increased the lifespan a lot. It also comes with wheels now that makes its portability from one place to another quite easy during work. The big bore in it surely has reduced the noise up to 70 % which is a big change for the worker's point of view that had to work under the continuous noise of the compressor. With its high-performance level and powerful motor, it possesses the capacity to run two mailers at a time.

For those who are searching for an air compressor for painting cars and air compressor for painting house they should go for CFM more than 12-15 CFM but if you have to work out with normal spray paint jobs or for airbrushing, you can use CFM within 2-5 CFM.

It is better to select the best air compressor for painting on the basis of your paint project so that you don’t have to be disappointed when doing your job. PSI is also important but for painting objects, you need to rely more on the CFM for getting cleaner and better coverage.

Here you can use Powermate 80 Gallon and Northstar gasoline powered air compressor when you need higher CFM as they offer 13 to 14 CFM whereas for the regular paint job you may choose any of the above-given lists.