5 Best Chainsaw Under 200 2020 Reviews (BLACK+DECKER or WORX?)

Chainsaws are now among the most popular hand tools for DIY tasks around your house. They can be used for cutting falling branches, slicing firewood or cleaning dead timber and more.

No matter what your purpose is, a high-quality item will help you get the job done well. It will even be better if the price is budget-friendly too.

So, why don’t you go for the best chainsaw under 200 we suggest below? They are the best ones, according to our researches, among a handful of models on the market now.

5 Best Chainsaw Under 200 2020 Reviews

#1: BLACK+DECKER LCS1020- Best all-around pick for homeowners

Look at the first top-rated chainsaw we are about to show you guys!

This Black + Decker version impresses us with the burnt orange color. It only weighs about 7.2 lbs, which makes it the lightest one in today’s review.

With the simple-to-grip handle, holding or carrying won’t be a big challenge. You can make quick adjustments thanks to its tool-less tensioning system. The premium Oregon bar and chain will provide low kickback function too.

Plus, its powerful lithium-ion battery is quite lightweight and features a super-fast charging speed, which will aid you in long cutting works.

You’ll also have up to two years warranty to check whether something is wrong with your device. That’s fantastic!


The only flaw is this chainsaw’s stubby bar. It is just 10 inches long, so cutting thicker trees won’t be as easy as cutting branches and limbs.


  • Lightweight, portable, and affordable
  • Automatic Oiler
  • Bale handle with wrap around for increased comfort and control
  • No need of additional accessories


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks

The LCS1020 unit is best for mid-range garden and yard works for daily homeowners rather than ambitious workers.

#2: WORX WG304.1- Best value for money

Here’s one more bright candidate we can’t wait to show you!

This Worx model is always ready-assembled. We also like its reduced-kickback bar as well as a chain brake that offers extra safety.

Worx knows how to satisfy its users by keeping the product working well with little maintenance. You will enjoy its patented auto-tensioning chain system which prevents loosening and over-tightening.

What’s more, we appreciate the built-in oiling system that often lubricates the chain and bar with the minimum of fuss.

We also amazed at the super cutting power of this lightweight chainsaw with no starting issues.


The only downside here is that the WG304.1 version is a corded-electric one, so your movement will be limited due to the extension cord length.


  • Gas-free and hassle-free
  • Lightweight and safe-to-use
  • Ergonomic handle for optimum operator comfort and control
  • Reliable motor for powerful performance


  • The corded tool limits movement

This chainsaw would be ideal for homeowners who want to perform professional cutting jobs or have a large yard with lots of thick trees.

#3: Remington RM4216- Best Gas model for Firewood

Don’t miss to include this under-200-dollar Remington chainsaw in your list!

The item comes in orange and black color with a matte, smooth finish. Also, it is heavy-duty, powerful, and even come in various sizes as well as engine options.

The best point is that the gas-powered chainsaw has an anti-vibration 5-point system which helps to handle products steadily.

Besides, its automatic oiler will ensure that the well-lubricated chain does not slow down throughout the toughest tasks. Hence, the overall performance and quality will be efficient.

With a rapid start technology, we find it easy and time-saving to operate this tool. This feature makes it an excellent learning platform for woodcarving enthusiasts that would hereafter move to big equipment.


For cutting, this chainsaw needs a bit more effort than usual, which is because its chain is hard to keep straight.


  • Solid and easy-to-start construction
  • Different bar and chain options
  • Easy cleaning features
  • A plastic and hard case


  • Can’t cut straight

The RM4216 item is perfect for almost all professional and new operators for all types of tough trimming and cutting purposes.

#4: BLACK+DECKER CS1518- Best quiet electric chainsaw

One more product from BLACK+DECKER will amaze you guys!

This CS1518 version has a self-lubricating and automatic oiling system and a transparent window to help you monitor the level of oil. Moreover, the automated chain tension system will guarantee the ease of replacing and tightening chains.

We also find it quick and easy to operate this device thanks to the lightweight chain adjustments. The wrap around guards provides our hands with much comfort, which prevents injuries while working as well.

Notably, it’s much quiet in comparison with other electric versions, and even quieter than many gas-powered ones.

You can avoid the smacked impact of its running chain thanks to the auto chain brake under the kickback condition. How great it is!


The only downfall is that it would take us a considerable amount of time to comprehend the instructions. In this case, it’s worth enlisting any help from your family or friends.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Quiet and simple to operate
  • Powerful motor for a fast and smooth cutting
  • Well-balanced with a good blade


  • Require some time and effort for the assembly

It will help newbies, DIY users and professionals to handle small acreage tasks around the house like general landscaping, sawing tree branches and limbs or trimming shrubs.

#5: Zombi ZCS12017- Best for inexperienced users

This is a great starting point when seeking cordless chainsaws! Why so?

At first, this Zombi item is ready-to-assemble. Also, the powerful 13-amp, 120 volts motor will provide such clean, fast cuts. Another reason for giving this device a try is due to its Oregon auto lubricating chain and bar.

A big bonus we find out is the tool-free chain tensioner that works as real time-savers. The unit will set the tension thanks to its outer wheel and use another one to lock. We don’t need to use any tools here.

Another amazing addition is its safety button that helps to prevent the starting of your machine if you aren’t aware.

That said, if you want decent performance combined with aesthetic appeal, this Zombi device will be a great solution.


It is a bit heavy in comparison with other electric versions. But its weight will be compensated by its impressive ability to finish heavie-duty works.


  • Low maintenance
  • Easy-to-touch trigger
  • Stylish design
  • Handle fits well on the hands


  • A little heavy

It’s meant for homeowners who have a limited budget and need a device for occasional cutting jobs around their backyard or pruning and bucking medium-sized firewoods.

Best Choice

Those are top-rated chainsaws we would love to share with you. So, which one is the best? We’d reckon the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX LCS1020 version is the top pick. Why so?

First, unlike bulky gas-powered devices and the corded ones that may limit our reach, this battery-powered model is lightweight and doesn’t restrict its users’ movement. The light weight also causes less back pain and muscle fatigue.

Second, it requires little maintenance. The self-tensioning and self-oiling features work well on the chainsaw’s lifespan. Its batteries also promote longer running times than others, up to five times.

Finally, if precision and maneuverability are your top priority, this model will satisfy you. Whatever cutting, pruning, or trimming jobs are, it will work well through all types of material which are under the 10-inch diameter limit.

Although it may not be a perfect option for heavy-duty jobs, it still shows the most exceptional maneuverability statistics in comparison to others of its range and type.

That is just our suggestion. You should consider your budget and what you need to pick up the best one.

Final word

We have shared a series of our recommendations for the best chainsaw under 200 with youNow you may know what you need when buying an ideal model.

We hope our insights are informative and helpful for you. Share it right now and revisit our site for more information. Thanks!

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