5 Best Worm Drive Saw 2020 – Reviews & Top Rated [Updated]

In general, the worm drive saw is often used in heavy-duty woodworking or construction site projects. A worm drive saw is much more costly and bulkier than a standard hacksaw, but you can do a lot more things with it.

Purchasing a drive saw is like an investment. You want the best worm drive saw at an affordable price? You have to do a thorough research. We know that there are excessive options out there, so we have used our expertise and written this article. Let’s have a check.

At first, the things you need to know are…

Don’t know anything about a high-quality worm drive saw, here is what you should consider for the best worm drive saw:

Cutting Depth

This criterion depends on the project and material that you have to deal with. For heavy-duty projects, you need to check the size of the wood. Try to know whether the drive saw can make a 90-degree or slanted angle cut or both.

Saw’s Housing

The type of saw’s housing has a significant impact on the weight and usage extension of the saw. A magnesium housing is the best as it is stable and lightweight, while plastic housing is a cheaper version with fair quality.

Blade Replacement

After a period of using, the saw blade will become blunt and need a replacement. The blade durability depends on your type of works and the frequency of using. Some products have a simple lock that you can easily open to get the blade out.   

Our Reviews Of 5 Best Worm Drive Saw Up To 2020

#1 Skilsaw SPT77WML-01 Worm Drive Saw – Best worm drive saw for household usage

This model is a fighter for soft woodworking projects. It is extremely lightweight and is among the lightest models in our list. The 15-amp motor ensures high performance even after a long time of use.

How well the performance is with the 15-amp motor?

For the performance, the maximum cutting capacity and depth are 23/inches and a 90-degree angle, respectively. A specialized system helps the saw to have an accurate cutting depth.

The main drawback is the machine’s performance tends to lower down when it comes to heavy-duty tasks. It is reasonable as the small design is not suitable to handle the constant heavy use.


  • Lightweight and simple design
  • Good performance
  • Specialized saw
  • Affordable price


  • Not powerful enough to handle site projects

Overall, Skilsaw SPT77WML-01 Saw is the best worm drive saw when it comes to small projects or household woodworking. The small design is convenient to hold and control.

#2 Skilsaw SPT70WT-01 Worm Drive Table Saw – Best worm drive saw for working sites

We have the only table saw on the list, let’s see what is it difference.

Different from the above model, this Skilsaw’s product comes with a stable stand. The stand is very convenient in a job site when you need to move the saw in and out of the truck without a trailer.

This worm drive table saw is lightweight and easy to assemble with less than 5 minutes. Other outstanding features are high performance and budget-friendly price.

However, this table saw’s cutting depth and speed are only above average for a reputable brand. The reason comes from the fence and extension having a holding issue as they can slide easily.


  • Compact design with lightweight material
  • The easy-to-assemble stand for the convenient delivery
  • Great performance


  • The cutting depth and speed are fair

Briefly, Skilsaw SPT70WT-01 Table Saw is greatly convenient for a professional job site. The table saw can be moved easily and is easy to assemble.

#3 Skilsaw SPT77W-01 Aluminum Worm Drive Table Saw – Best worm drive saw for many types of workload

Three products in a row has proven that Skilsaw is a powerful brand for manufacturing quality and affordable drive saws. Among numerous models, SPT77W-01 still has outstanding advantages that can compete with others.

So, what are SPT77W-01’s competitive advantages?

The unique features of this unit are reliability and flexibility. You can make use of the drive saw in both professional and DIY projects. Thanks to the aluminum and high torque, it can cut through even the densest wood.

Additionally, the 15-amp motor coupled with dual windings help the drive saw to stay cool under intensive working loads. Other benefits are equivalent to other Skilsaw’s models.

Notwithstanding, the customers do not like the fact that this product is manufactured in China instead of the U.S. Their concern mostly related to the control quality department from a large and reputable company like Skilsaw.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Powerful performance
  • Modern design with innovations
  • Flexible and reliable thanks to new material


  • The saw drive is manufactured in China instead of the U.S.

Skilsaw SPT77W-01 drive saw is a full-pack machine from updated design to excellent performance. The innovation in material and items has greatly improved the flexibility and reliability of the unit.

#4 Bosch Worm Drive Saw – Best worm drive saw for the accuracy in measurement

The Bosch worm drive saw is the second most lightweight drive saw in our list. To get that weight, the manufacturer shortened the motor and housing units by 3/8”, which also created more balance for the machine.

Does Bosch drive saw have any innovation?

Yes. An innovating feature of this product is the motor housing made of magnesium, a brand new material compared with other models. The magnesium foot is ultimate for breaking down any kind of wood with high accuracy.

However, this machine can produce an oily smell after use for heavy-duty.


  • Brand new material of magnesium for improvements
  • Light in weight
  • Easy-to-assemble design
  • High performance


  • Smelly when it comes to heavy-duty tasks

To sum up, Bosch made use of a new material of magnesium in their drive saw. The magnesium material has powered up the performance as well as the productivity of the saw compared to other models.

#5 Skilsaw SPT70V-11 Sawsquatch Worm Drive Saw – Best worm drive saw for the most powerful performance

Skilsaw SPT70V-11 model has the largest capacity of circular saw, which delivers relentless power for any construction site jobs. Ultimately, this Skilsaw model comes with magnesium material, which enforces the durability and weight reduction.

How about the cutting depth?

Furthermore, there is a durable magnesium footplate to make the most accurate cuts. The saw capacity is 61/4 inches, which can obtain a clean cut through 6X thick material.

One main drawback is that the machine consumes much more electricity than other models. However, with all of the outstanding benefits above, we think it’s worth giving this worm drive saw a try.


  • State-of-the-art design
  • Lightweight
  • Ultimate performance
  • On-point innovation
  • Great durability


  • Consuming huge amount of electricity

This product can easily be the most effective drive saw of Skilsaw so far. With all of these advantages, SPT70V-11 is a strong competitor in the market recently.

Let’s recap

In this part, we will pick the best worm drive saw from our list, which is Skilsaw’s SPT70V-11 Sawsquatch worm drive saw. It integrates new materials and updated designs for excellent performance. All of its details are so spectacular and effective for any construction works.

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