How to use a paint sprayer

How to master the art of using the paint sprayerWhen you want to paint using a sprayer then it requires a fair amount of practice on your part and it is not a very easy job. When you start painting with a sprayer then the smart thing to do will be to try painting on a cardboard … Read more

How to Skin a Deer with an Air Compressor

There are many of choices of quarries for a hunter in the forests. But some of them don’t choose any other animals except for deer and elks. Do you know the reasons why these hunters love deer and elks? The answers are, obviously, for keeping the need of food, hunting as a sport and more … Read more

How to put air into tires

How to fill up air in the car tires in a simple and smart wayFilling up air in the car tires is no longer a problem as long as you have a gas station air pump or home air pump. If you are looking in for a precise fill then you must ensure that you … Read more

12 Steps: How to Use a Wood Lathe

A tool doing wonders in modern world with its simplicity yet comprehensiveness is a Wood lathe. From decorative wood projects to candlesticks, jars, furniture and toys like yoyo, a wood lathe has a wide range of use. Even their size varies from a small workbench model to large-sized industrial heavyweight machines. The best wood lathe works in … Read more

10 Super Air Compressor Carts that Will Amaze You

I wanted to design a cart for rolling my air compressor so I thought it will be a nice idea to look up some existing projects and see if those projects can give me an idea to start off. Well luck favoured me and I am came across some interesting air compressor cart projects.Flawless air … Read more