Bostitch BTFP72646 Air Compressor Review

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The compressor industry is very busy these days. Every day, some brand is releasing a new best small air compressor, a new successor that leaves the predecessor in a shadow of despair. The competition is very fierce right now. Another compressor entering the competition for the top is the Bostitch BTFP72646. It has its own unique features and advantages which it tries to highlight and its own different limitations which it tries to solve so the consumers don’t feel any inconvenience. Those will be discussed in detail in the below sections.


This model uses a large 6 gallon reserve tank to fulfill the customers’ needs. It also comes with a unique ball type drain which contributes to easy draining. What’s more, it comes with a maintenance free oil pump which aims towards making our life easier and reducing repair costs, along with many other benefits. It has a max PSI of 150, and 2.6 SCFM being delivered at 90 PSI enabling the pump to run for longer and longer without stopping for a second. This compressor also uses the company’s latest technologies in its motor enabling it to start easily even in severe cold weather. Even with an extension cord application of 50 ft length or more, it can start with ease, which is quite impressive.

This compressor includes one brad nailer, a crown stapler and a straight finish nailer so don’t have to face the trouble of going to the market for buying these other goodies specifically. This can be used for a variety of purposes including crown modeling, upholstery, insulation, baseboard, staircases, interior trimming, felt paper, etc. Furthermore, it weighs only a meager 33 lbs which makes it very easy to move around for different purposes.


  • Smooth and Quiet – The product has been extensively praised because of its smooth operation while producing minimal levels of noise.
  • Warranty – This Bostitch product comes with an exclusive one year warranty which ensures that the product will be free of any defect, and if there are any, they will cover it up for you if it is in agreement with their terms and conditions.
  • Motor – The motor which is used in this compressor has been noted for its exceptional quality and working capability. The motor can start even at bad conditions.
  • Maintenance – The compressor presents no problems for its maintenance. It is a perfect device with easy repairs if there is any need. It demands no hassle from the consumer.
  • Extras – The compressor comes with a few extra tools such as crown stapler and a brad nailer which is an extra benefit of purchasing this product.


  • Guns – Many people have been facing problems and inconveniences with the included guns. It has been reported that they are not as efficient as the compressor itself and decrease the overall quality experience. Also, they require to be oiled every time you take them out to use. This can definitely get tiring with time.
  • Quality – There are also complaints about the quality of the product, especially of the included guns.
  • Pressure – There have also been concerns about the pressure of the device. Some say that it is not adequate enough for their set task. That really depends on how a person uses the product.


In the end, it only depends on your particular preference, whether this product is well suited for you or not. Overall, it is a great product with a large tank capacity and easy maintenance. Furthermore, this tank is noted for its durability, longevity and reliability. It even comes with some extra goodies.

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