California Air Tools CAT-6310 Air Compressor Review

California Air Tools CAT-6310 Air Compressor ReviewWhenever you are in the market to buy a compressor, you must look for features combined with utility, durability and convenience. A compressor is a very useful machine so choose the best one for you. A worthy option to consider is the CAT-6310 air compressor. This machine is quite capable of living up to the competition. It is also praised for its quiet operation. It gives many useful features to the user which we will come to know in the next sections.


This device is designed to be one of the quietest compressors the market will offer you. It operates at 60 decibels of sound. This is considered the sound level of normal conversation so having a compressor that can operate at that level is quite impressive. It uses a 1 horsepower motor which operates at 1680 RPM which results in less wear and tear and noise. It has a spacious 6.3 gallon, which can be used for countless tasks. The pump is oil free which means it can be used in uneven terrains and different temperatures at both extremes. This comes with wheels which provide extra portability. There is even a water trap which helps in removing the excess water from the air. If noise is a major concern, this is a very attractive option.


  • Maintenance Costs – This compressor uses an oil free pump which translates to much less maintenance and repair costs. This frees you from all the hassles. You can work peacefully for longer.
  • Noise – Another factor where this compressor scores really well is the noise level. It operates at a 65 decibels sound level which is one of the best of the industry. This compressor is ideal for anybody who wants to work in a noise free environment. This also contributes in reduction of noise pollution.
  • Portability – This compressor is fairly light for its size – 49 lbs which gives people the comfort to easily move it around. Moreover, it comes with wheels which assist in the process. It can easily be transported from one place to the other.
  • Performance – It comes with a powerful 1 horsepower motor with a peak value of 2 HP. This sets the compressor along with the other top compressors in the market. It also features less vibration, which is because of its RPM value of 1680.
  • Extras – This machine allows you to use two pressure control gauges. It also features a water trap which removes all the water from the air allowing for maximum air storage.


  • Low-Refill Time – This machine has a normal re-fill time, which may be too much for some to bear. If you are looking for a compressor with a really low refill type, then you are better looking somewhere else. There are other options in the market with better refill time.
  • Smell – It has also been reported that this machine creates a bad smell. Maybe it is bearable for some, but unbearable for others. It is better to check first, especially if you are sensitive to these matters.
  • Leakage – You may also experience leakage with the device which can be really inconvenient. After that, it is either fix it yourself or take to the repair center. It is better to avoid repairing it yourself; otherwise you would void your warranty.


The CAT-6310 is a compressor with its advantages and shortcomings. It is apparent that the benefits outweigh the negatives by a long shot, it’s better to be careful since you’ll be making this investment once in a while. Just consider what features you want from the compressor and what you want to avoid. If this compressor fits the description, then go for it.

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