Compressor Pressure Switch Adjustment

In this article, users will get the in-depth information about the compressor pressure switches and about the pressure switch adjustment. First crucial thing is that, why it is important to do a pressure switch adjustment.

When you replace the existing switch, it might be possible that the new pressure switch do not have the same pressure settings like the old one.

Can you turn up the pressure?

Majority of the people own an air compressor, which has a cut in pressure settings of PSI 90 and cut out settings of PSI 120. Usually, they think they are not receiving an adequate pressure, in order to run the air tool properly. That’s why they want to turn up the pressure setting of the air compressor with a wrong expectation that after doing they can get more air in order to run the air tool correctly.

Always remember that the default settings of your air compressor pressure switch are the appropriate settings. Your compressor will work effectively at those default cut out and cut in settings. If you try to change these settings, you can damage your compressor. Remember, turn up the compressor setting cannot solve your problem infect if your compressor do not have adequate capacity to run the air tool correctly, then you must need a high capacity air compressor.

 Compressor Pressure Switch Adjustment

Users will still need to adjust the pressure settings on a brand new pressure switch in order to match the pressure switch settings with old one.  First, you have to remove the cover from pressure switch so that you can make pressure switch adjustment.

Be cautious, to shut off the main power supply of the compressor. It is vital to take an extra care while making the pressure switch adjustment. If new pressure switch is adjusted properly, then the whole procedure of changing the pressure settings will depend upon the kind of adjustment new pressure switch possess.

Static Range Pressure Switch

The first type of pressure switch is, fixed range pressure switch. In this type of switch, the difference in the cut in pressure and cut out pressure is static. By simply fixing the nut inside the pressure switch, users can alter the settings of cut out and cut in at the same time. Users can also move the pressure range up and down as they revolve the nut. Fixed range pressure switch contains a one threaded knob onto which the adjustment nut and spring is located.

By rotating the adjustment nut clockwise, you can increase the cut in pressure of the adjustment switch. Suppose the pressure range of a static range pressure switch is PSI 45, for instance, the standard cut in pressure was PSI 90, and then rotating the adjustment nut clockwise can alter the cut in pressure to PSI 95. Eventually, cut out pressure will become PSI 140 spontaneously. By rotating the adjustment, screw more, the cut in pressure can change to PSI 100 and cut out will become PSI 145.

By rotating the adjustment nut counter clockwise, the cut in pressure will drop and the cut out pressure will drop at an equivalent rate.

Modifiable Pressure Range Switch

This type of pressure switch allows you to adjust the cut out, cut in and the pressure range of the pressure switch.  In this type of pressure switch, two adjustments are placed inside the red rectangle permit the users to modify the cut in pressure settings (left screw) and cut out pressure settings (right screw). Rotating both of the adjusting screws in a clockwise direction can increase the pressure settings.

On adjustable pressure range switch, the modifying nut in the mini red circle is used to modify the range of this switch. Rotating in clockwise can increase the range settings, modifying both the cut out and cut in pressures at the same time.

 Pressure Switch Adjustment Guidelines

Once more, it is recommended that only modify the pressure settings of a pressure switch in order to match the pressure setting of the switch you are going to exchange. By increasing the pressure, setting above the default settings on the air compressor can lead to an initial failure of your compressor. It can also lead to a disastrous failure of your compressor.

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