Compressor Pressure Switch Adjustment

In this article, users will get the in-depth information about the compressor pressure switches and about the pressure switch adjustment. First crucial thing is that, why it is important to do a pressure switch adjustment. When you replace the existing switch, it might be possible that the new pressure switch do not have the same pressure … Read more

How To Use Porter Cable Air Compressor

There are different sizes and shapes of air compressors, each with their unique task suited for them. Porter cable air compressor has a portable and compact design. This makes it easier for home owners looking for a portable compressor they can carry around easily. These processors provide enough air pressure to easily work with different types … Read more

Troubleshooting an air compressor that won’s start

When you start your air compressor, you expect it to work. However, in some circumstances, it won’t start. You start to wonder and check what’s wrong. And this situation causes dismay and stress. Why? Because, it is not just the air compressor that will not work, it also affects the air tool. With the variety of … Read more

How to fix an air compressor that won’t stop

In some instances, you will encounter your machine seems tireless, meaning it doesn’t want to turn OFF. Other air compressors, due to age, need that extra push to the switch just to turn OFF. However, if the problem lies in the continuous pumping of air to the air compressor tank and generally it won’t stop, … Read more

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Won’t Building Pressure

There could be a couple of things wrong when your central pneumatic compressor refuses to build air pressure. It could be the pump gasket, failure of the pump piston, or it could be that air exits through the intake valve, If you are trying to troubleshoot the problem, here are some guides that can help … Read more