Air Compressor Size, Power and CFM Explained

Having compressed air available in your garage, shed, or business really expands the arsenal of tools you have at your disposal. Air compressors reduce the bodily strain from using hand tools and helps projects get done faster than with electrical tools. From carpentry to auto repair to painting and much more there simply is no … Read more

What’s the Difference between a Single and Two Stage Air Compressor

What’s the Difference between a Single and Two Stage Air Compressor Just as with other workshop tools, it is always challenging and difficult to decide which air compressor to choose owing to the fact that there are a number of factors to consider such as duration of operation, maximum pressure, expected lifespan of the compressor and … Read more

Common mistake: plugging the line to the pressure switch

If you think of doing this, then you are committing a big mistake. If you do this, then your air compressor will no longer work properly. And believe me; you don’t want that to happen, because you will then spend unnecessary money to buy a new one. Here is one important thing you should remember, there … Read more

How to Adjust Air Compressor Pressure Switch

Buying a capable air compressor for your domestic needs is one thing and ensuring its smooth operation and applicability to your specific needs is another key thing to look into. The variable options of the equipment such as the pressure switch are the most pivotal consideration in order to save for yourself a lot on … Read more

What Size Air Compressor Do I Need for Impact Wrench

Getting the right air compressor is important to have the perfect operation of the impact wrench. With a lot of options available for different impact wrenches, it sometimes becomes confusing to select the right size of the compressor. Normally, impact wrenches have their unique CFM on their box. So it should be easier to select the right compressor … Read more

Know about air compressor gauges

It is very important to gain the basic knowledge about gauges of an air compressor. Usually most of the workshop, DIY and small air compressors stores has two air compressors gauges. One of the air compressor gauge shows the compressed air pressure, which is the tank at that time. If you have ever seen how … Read more

How to test the Check Valve on the Compressor Tank

An air compressor has many accessories that ensure its smooth and efficient operation. One such feature is a check valve. As its name suggests, the check valves maintains a check or restriction on the backward flow of air from the tank to the pump. That means, in an air compressor, air flows from pump to … Read more

How To Use Porter Cable Air Compressor

There are different sizes and shapes of air compressors, each with their unique task suited for them. Porter cable air compressor has a portable and compact design. This makes it easier for home owners looking for a portable compressor they can carry around easily. These processors provide enough air pressure to easily work with different types … Read more

Troubleshooting an air compressor that won’s start

When you start your air compressor, you expect it to work. However, in some circumstances, it won’t start. You start to wonder and check what’s wrong. And this situation causes dismay and stress. Why? Because, it is not just the air compressor that will not work, it also affects the air tool. With the variety of … Read more

How to fix an air compressor that won’t stop

In some instances, you will encounter your machine seems tireless, meaning it doesn’t want to turn OFF. Other air compressors, due to age, need that extra push to the switch just to turn OFF. However, if the problem lies in the continuous pumping of air to the air compressor tank and generally it won’t stop, … Read more