How to put air into tires

How to fill up air in the car tires in a simple and smart way

Filling up air in the car tires is no longer a problem as long as you have a gas station air pump or home air pump. If you are looking in for a precise fill then you must ensure that you have a tire pressure gauge at hand. When the tires are filled up with the air then it can help to avoid tire blowouts that tend to occur when there is a drop in the tire pressure.

Steps to put air into the tires

Follow the mentioned steps for filling air into the tires.

Step 1: You always need to keep a check and balance on the fact that your car tires have proper amount of air filled up. Thus the first thing you need to do is to have a good air pressure gauge at hand so that checking the pressure of the tires is not a problem for you. Before filling up the tires always check the air pressure with the help of the gauge.

Step 2: When you are checking the pressure of the tires then you need to know how much air needs to be in the tires. Well, you can simply refer to  the manual of your car or to the door post on the driver side. This way you will know exactly how much air to fill in the tires.

Step 3: It is also essential that you should remove  the stem caps of the valve. You can easily screw the stem caps on the valve later. Only remove the stem caps when you are all set to pump air into the tire.

Step 4:  Next you have to search an air pump. You have the option to opt for automatic air pumps, but they are a more expensive option. The positive aspect about the automatic air pumps is that they tend to be faster. You can even opt for a floor pump, but they are not so fast. The best option you have at hand is that you can buy an air pump that can easily be plugged into the car’s 12v outlet. Always make sure that when you are filling air into the tires then they need to be cold at that point of time.

Step 5: If you are using an air pump at the gas station then the car needs to be pulled alongside the available air dispenser. You will have to figure out the coin slot. The car should be parked in a way that the hose can easily be pulled on to all the four car tires. Try to make it a routine to check the tire pressure when you are filling up the fuel at the gas station.

When you will turn on the pump at the gas station then you will hear a humming and rumbling sound when the pump will start running. Now first you need to stretch the hose to the tire that is the closest and the tip of the pump needs to be pressed to the tip of the valve. The pressing has to be firm at this point of time and you need to listen to sound of air being pumped into the tire. You need to make the pump steady if you get to hear a spraying sound of air.

Now you need to be patient as well. Sometimes the tires are so slow on the air pressure that it takes a lot of time to fill the tires with air. If the car tires are already filled up with the air then it will hardly take you about 10 to 20 seconds to fill them up with more air.

Step 6:  When you feel that the car tires are filled up with a sufficient amount of air then you can remove the hose. Now you should check the pressure of the tires using the pressure gauge. If the tires will have a sufficient amount of air then the air pressure reading will be between 30 psi to 35 psi. If the reading is lower than the required air pressure then you need to fill more air. If the reading is higher than you need to release some of the air.

How to fill up air in the car tires in a simple and smart way 2

Now if you have to release the air then the valve stem’s  centre pin has to be  depressed using any tool. You will get to hear a hissing sound as the air will be released from the tire. The air needs to be released in small increments so that you do not end up releasing a lot of air.

One more thing to keep in mind is that you can always cross check the air pressure reading with another gauge if you feel that the first gauge is giving an inaccurate reading. If there is a difference of one to two psi in the readings of the gauge then this means that both the gauges are working fine. If the difference is higher than one of gauges may have an issue.

Step 7: When you are done with filling up the air in the tires then it is time to replace the valve stem caps. Make sure that you do not end up sealing the valve. This process has to be repeated for all the four tires if they lack the required amount of air pressure. Make sure that all the tires have a uniform amount of pressure.

Make sure that you follow all these steps to the core and filling up air in the tires will not be a problem. Secondly when you will learn to manage the process on your own then you will not be dependent on others for help. Even if you intend to fill up air at the gas station make sure that you always have your air gauge with you. It is also better to have your car tool kit and spare tire as well to avoid any unforeseen situation. This approach will save your time and you will be prepared to deal with tire blowouts .

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