Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor Review

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If you are in need of a strong air compressor which also happens to be portable at the same time, featuring a tank with great capacity, combined with a very strong motor that uses low amp to start even in the worst scenarios, then the device which comes to mind is the Makita MAC5200. It achieves all those things and more. This really is a durable and reliable air compressor that can serve as a jack of all trades, excelling at most tasks and failing at only a few ones. Overall, this is a great compressor, in the running for one of the best. The sections below contain more insight regarding the specifications and features of this product.


This best portale air compressor uses a cast iron pump with the company’s exceptional Big Bore cylinder and piston which is specifically engineered to provide improved performance and faster recovery time. The machine uses a powerful 3.0 Horsepower motor to accomplish all heavy duty tasks. The cast iron pump also reduces wear and tear effectively, which prolongs the life of the components of the machine. The machine also allows for cheap repair and easy maintenance. There are even storage compartments inside the machine in which air fittings and accessories can be stored. The machine features oil sight glass which for easy and fast maintenance. There is even a convenient oil drain allowing for easy access. Lastly, the machine is protected from overloading which ensures the long life of the machine.


  • Performance – This compressor has the specifications of a true flagship product. It uses a reliable 3.0 HP motor to achieve all the tasks without breaking a sweat. It also produces 6.5 CFM at 90 PSI, which really increases productivity. The difference can actually be felt.
  • Portability – Even though the device is quite large and heavy, it comes with wheels to assist in moving around the device. The rugged wheels allow for jobsite portability.
  • Air Filter – The machine uses a large and automotive style air filter which increases air intake with providing greater efficiency.
  • Protection – The machine has a built-in thermal overload which performs the job of protecting the motor at times when the motor is overloaded. This provided a sense of security in the mind of the user.
  • Warranty – Even after providing us this great machine with the best specifications, it backs it up with 1 year warranty and great customer service which makes this product even better.


  • Wheels – There have been doubts about the quality of the wheels used for the device. Some have received faulty wheels. Others have experienced wheel problems related to the bolt. This creates doubt about the company’s products which otherwise are excellent in other factors.
  • Valves – There have also been concerns about the reliability of the valves used in the machine. More than a few people have faced problems like valves breaking off just after one use or two. This really shouldn’t be happening, as it’s not intended, but fortunately, such accidental damages will be covered by the warranty.
  • Pressure – People also have complained of serious nature regarding the low pressure of the device. Although this is not intended, all machines face this problem to a certain extent. After use, the pressure decreases a bit. But this has been reported far too many times to be ignored.


The Makita MAC200 is a very capable air compressor, among the very best. One thing is clear; this machine is built to last longer and deliver excellence and quality to the user. Also, the specifications on this device blow the competition out the water. This sets a really high bar for the other brands. There still are some concerns regarding the finishing of the product, but they are also being addressed by the company.

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