PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK Air Compressor Review

Air compressors are finding their way effectively into the homes, workshops, garages and even basements of people more and more these days. This is because they have been used in a wide range of situations, from a corner gas station to some major manufacturing plant. They come is various shapes and sizes, equipped to do many tasks, from inflating toy pools or tires to powering tools such as sanders, staplers, drills, spray guns and nail guns. This guide will tell you about a certain air compressor, The C2002-WK from Porter Cable.

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The C2002-WK is a capable small air compressor in the form factor of the pancake. It has a max psi of 150 which allows plenty air to be stored in the tank. This allows for longer tool running times. It is a very compact unit, but still has tremendous output. It comes from a manufacturer which has established a great reputation for producing durable and quality products. This air compressor is ideal for small jobs around the house. This is also a very portable unit, which allows it to be used in many electrical circuits. You can move it to various locations with ease considering its form factor and weight. The tank’s capacity is 6 gallons. The compressor also comes with rubber feet and water drain valve installed. In order to prevent leaks from happening, an air coupler and plug are installed pre-hand on the air hose. This also saves labor. This also has a quick compressor recovery time, which makes it that much better. This uses a low-amp 120 volt motor which faces no problem turning on in the winters. This makes it a perfect tool for the countless tasks at your home. It even comes with an oil-free pump which will last long. This product doesn’t need high cost maintenance. It even comes with a console in order to protect vital parts of the machine. Shroud and handle are also included in the package.


  • Design – Excellent form factor promises ease of use and portability. It makes any house task much more manageable. It also weight 30 lbs light which increases its transportability.
  • All-in-one Package – This compressor is oil free, portable and attached to a drain along with many more features which make it an ideal all-in-one compressor for home use.
  • Protection – This compressor ships with a shroud, console and handle for the protection of vital components to assure it will last you long.
  • Usage – It ships factory installed with air couplers for two users. This makes it a very efficient air compressor.
  • Motor – This compressor uses a very excellent low amp 120V motor that can start even in the coldest of weathers.


  • Time – Takes longer to fill its tank.
  • Breaking-In – Requires proper breaking in to get the most out of this machine. If one foes wrong with this important process, they may have just decreased the life of their compressor.
  • Not Suited for Professionals – Since this is a relatively small air compressor, it is not suited for important projects that require tools to run for a very long time.

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The C2002-WK is a reliable and capable air compressor for home usage combined with the best form factor enhancing the portability of the machine. It is light enough to be carried to any location for any project. It is an efficient little machine with a good motor and a battery with low amps running. It is a product of consideration for many users out there.

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