How To Regrip Golf Clubs With Air Compressor

How to regrip golf clubs with the assistance of an air compressor

The most efficient method to regrip golf clubs is using an air compressor. You will need a 50 pound per square inch compressor for this job. The compressor needs to have a tapered nozzle attachment. You can easily get hold of a tapered nozzle attachment at any hardware store.  The best part about using air compressor for gripping is that they make the job quite easy and simple. You can even regrip a club in just a matter of 60 seconds provided you do not have to remove or add any tape at all. We will just explore this process in detail in this guide.

Steps for regripping the golf club using an air compressor

Follow the steps below to regrip the golf club using an air compressor in simply no time.

How To Regrip Golf Clubs With Air Compressor

Step 1:  As mentioned above you will need to fix the nozzle so that it will be able to seal the hole that is present in the grip.

Step 2:  The old tape needs to be cleaned using the grip solvent. You can make use of a solvent based cleaner or you can use acetone as well. Both will work well for this process. You can even consider putting new tape on the old one if you do not want to go through the process of using a grip solvent.

Step 3:  Just put normal masking tape. You can get hold of the one with 1.5 inch width and it is able to wrap up the shaft in quite a perfect way. Now the amount of tape you will apply depends upon the thickness of the grip as desired.

Step 4:  Now it is time to get grip over the shaft’s end. If you feel that the fit appears to be tight then the grip end can be dipped into a solvent. When the grip is on the shaft end then you need to get the air compressor needle in back of your grip. Now start to apply the pressure so that you can inflate the grip. When the pressure is appropriate then it will become quite easy for you to slide your grip down the shaft. Now you have to work the pressure in a way that you can center the grip.

How To Regrip Golf Clubs With Air Compressor justaircompressor

Step 5: If you feel that there is a need to put more tape the back off the compressor and put add more tape. This method works quite well when you feel the need to swap the grips.

You might not be able to get the process done perfectly in one go, but practice does make a man perfect. The process mentioned above is simple so it should not take you a lot of time to master the art of regripping the golf clubs using an air compressor. Make sure that you try it out and soon you will be able to get success with the process. The real trick is to follow the steps exactly as mentioned and then it will be super easy for you.

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