How to Skin a Deer with an Air Compressor

There are many of choices of quarries for a hunter in the forests. But some of them don’t choose any other animals except for deer and elks. Do you know the reasons why these hunters love deer and elks? The answers are, obviously, for keeping the need of food, hunting as a sport and more especially, getting their skin for sale. For the purposes of food and sports, there is nothing to mention because of the easy way to carry out. But, skinning a deer is such n difficult problem unless you well known about the tips.

Skinning a deer properly needs a fair amount of skill and practice. You might find it a bit difficult if you are beginner. However, the good news is that skinning a deer becomes a much simpler job when you use an air compressor.

How to Skin a Deer with an Air Compressor

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Steps to skin a deer

Follow the steps below to skin a deer using a small air compressor for home use.

Step 1: The deer needs to be hung using the back legs or you can also hang the deer using the antlers.

Step 2: Next you need to cut a hole. You will require a knife for cutting a small hole in the thigh of the deer. The hole should be just the appropriate size to allow the air compressor’s nozzle to pass through easily.

Step 3: The compressor’s nozzle needs to be inserted into the hole. If by mistake you make the hole big then you will need to use a cloth and put it around the air compressor’s nozzle to make it air tight.

Step 4: Now you need to turn on the air compressor and air needs to be forced under the skin of the deer and it should be separate from the meat of the deer. What happens is that when the air goes inside then the deer’s skin then it appears to be as light as a balloon. The air forces through the skin in a way that the skin is pushed off the meat. This way even the meat does not go waste and the skin is separated from the meat in a clean way.

Step 5: You should ensure that you feel along the skin of the deer. It should be loose. If you feel that there are certain parts of the skin that still seem to be stuck then you will need to cut another hole or even two holes. You will have to use the air compressor again in the newly cut holes to remove the stuck skin. Initially you might need to repeat this process a couple of times, but finally all the skin will be removed from the deer.

Step 6: Now use a knife for cutting the skin along the back legs of the deer. The skin of the deer should become loose due to the use of the air compressor. The skin should be pulled and peeled downwards. Now make use of your knife to cut through any of the spots that appear to be stuck.

The benefit of using an air compressor for skinning the deer is that you can take off the skin without damaging it. Secondly skinning the deer with an air compressor is much quicker and will save your time. You must try it and you will see that gradually you will be able to acquire expertise in skinning the deer using an air compressor. Just make sure that you do not miss out on any of the steps mentioned above and follow these steps exactly as mentioned. You will notice that skinning a deer using an air compressor is much efficient than any other

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