How to use a paint sprayer

How to master the art of using the paint sprayer

When you want to paint using a sprayer then it requires a fair amount of practice on your part and it is not a very easy job. When you start painting with a sprayer then the smart thing to do will be to try painting on a cardboard first. When you feel that you are skilled enough to provide the right coverage then you can move on to painting the walls. When you have decided to paint using a paint sprayer then make sure that the work area is clean. It is always better to cover the nearby surface and windows so that paint is not sprayed on to these areas.

The positive aspect about paint sprayers is that they work quite well when you need to paint large areas and want to give a professional touch to the painting. If you use a roller or brush then it will take you a lot of time to paint.

Steps for using a paint Sprayer

Follow the steps below when you want to use the paint sprayer.

Step 1: We will first start with how to thin the paint using the paint sprayer. Let us say that you have thin down the paint to about 10 percent to 15 percent. For the water based paints you have to use water and for the oil based paints you will have to opt for turpentine. The container needs to be unscrewed from your sprayer. The thinner and the paint need to be mixed together till you get the right consistency.

You should always check the consistency of the paint before spraying it. You can spray in a certain area and then you can adjust the nozzle to get the required consistency that you need.

Step 2: When you have decided to commence with water based painting then the gun and the other units have to be primed with water. You need to engage the gun trigger safety. Next you need to start installing tip guard and spray tip. As mentioned earlier you have to practice before you start with the actual painting.

Step 3: You need to choose the appropriate pressure setting as well. You can make use of the pressure control knob for adjusting the spraying pressure. There will be no runs in the pattern when the pressure of the paint sprayer has been adjusted appropriately. It is always preferable to start with a low pressure setting and you should be triggering the gun quickly when the spray pattern is full. However, it is quite hard to get a full spray pattern in the first go. You may get to see gaps at the pattern ends. The end of the pattern may tend to appear heavier than the middle section.

If the pattern is not full then you have to gradually increase the pattern setting. You need to keep increasing the pressure till you are easily able to get the right pattern. This may take a bit of practice initially.

Step 4: The trigger of the paint sprayer needs to be pressed down gently and you can start painting. Always try painting with a continuous slow motion. Your paint movements should be up and down. You can also do side to side painting. The pressure needs to be consistent on the trigger. You should ensure that neither you are too far from the wall or too close to the wall as well. This way you can easily ensure that you get an even finish. 

Step 5: When you have finished up with the painting then it is essential that you should clean the paint sprayer. You should empty the container of the paint sprayer. You can either fill it with turpentine, water or lacquer and then you need to flush the mentioned liquids through the container of the paint sprayer till it is completely clean. You need to make sure that no paint gets stuck or clogged in spray tip, filter and gun. You have to clean these parts using the same liquids mentioned above.

When you want to get the best results with a paint sprayer then there are a few tips that you need to follow. Make it a point never to use paint sprayer when the temperature is lower than 45 degrees or higher than 75 degrees. It is never preferable to paint in direct sunlight as well. The reason is that when there is too much heat the paint is dried up very fast. As result the paint will be unable to bond well. Similarly if you are painting in an extremely cold weather than the paint will take up too much time to dry up. This can attract the dirt and bugs.

Secondly, make sure that you only paint within your reach. If you try to spray in the areas that are not within your reach then it might become troublesome to maintain the gun position. You also need to properly trigger the gun. The spray gun should be moving before you pull the spray gun trigger. The stroke needs to be continued once you have released the trigger. When you want to spray into the corners always make sure that the gun is positioned in the corners directly. This way you will be able to get the painting right without an issue.

Make sure that you stick to the steps and tips mentioned when using a paint sprayer.  You might not be able to get the best results at the initial level. However, with the passage of time you will master the art of using the paint sprayer. It will then become more of an enjoyable activity for you and you will enjoy doing painting using the paint sprayer. To prevent your paint sprayer from being damaged make sure that you follow the cleaning instructions mentioned above. Last, but not the least always invest in a good quality paint sprayer to get the best results.

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