How to Use an Impact Driver

In several of my blogs, I have discussed the use of many power tools. Most of them are for scraping & drilling of wooden or metallic pieces. One of the many power tools is an impact driver. In addition to drilling pilot holes, it tightens or makes loose the screws, nuts and bolts. The tool got its name from the impact mechanism present in it. You can call it an ultimate fastener, which uses strong rotational and downward force to accomplish the said task. With the advancement in technology, it is available in both corded and cordless types with a powerful battery.

With the employment of hydraulic compressed air as working fluid, an impact driver has stepped into the field of heavy-duty projects.

One of the best impact drivers is which comes under a well-reputed company tag and offers a reliable functionality over a long guarantee period. In this blog, I will discuss how to use an impact driver.


  • Impact Driver
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves (optional)


Before you begin your work, the first step will be to choose a high-quality impact driver. It depends on your requirement and you can easily consult the manufacturer’s manual to find out the specifications of a particular driver. This way you can easily decide what type of impact driver you need, either cordless or manual. A best practice is to go for a well-reputed company name.


The next step is to select a suitable bit to fit into the hex-shaped screw head. The image below shows a set of bits that can work well with an impact driver. The bit sharpness and width will determine the features of the hole that you want to drill, such as small, deep, wide etc.

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Now, you are already familiar with the screw head, also called the bit adapter. It is hex-shaped because if you want to use it for tightening nuts, the head will grab the nut securely. It will be easier to undo or tighten the nut with a power impact driver than the manual one because you don’t have to apply any effort to fulfill the required job. Now, you may be wondering that you will have to buy each accessory for the driver; however, this is not the case. All these things come along the package of impact driver you buy from the hardware store. Therefore, you can work with ease once you have bought the driver itself.

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In the case of any power tool, one thing that you have to make sure of is a firm grip on the tool. You don’t want to let the tool slip during work nor you want to fatigue your hand by its weight. Thus, in order to work without interruptions and damage, it is necessary that you establish a firm grip on the handle of the tool. To benefit the users, manufacturers are modeling the tools in an easy-to-handle way; thus, to reduce the work-related muscles issues, most of them come with a rubber grip. It is the case with the modern day impact driver too. The image below shows how well can you grab an impact driver without causing any damage to property, yourself or the tool itself.


What you have to do now is to fix the screw head on the nut or screw you want to adjust. Before you start the driver, make sure that the screw head has fixed itself around the nut, bolt, screw, etc. You will see that it will snugly fit your desired target because of its hex shape.

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Now, turn on the driver. If your tool is a corded one, you will turn on the power supply from the electric socket. If, however, it is a cordless one, you can easily push the mechanism provided on the tool for turning it on and off. Keep in mind not to exert your weight on the tool, as the automated impact driver has a good idea of what it has to do. That’s what it is drawing the power for. Let it do its work. You just do yours i.e. holding it firmly with a steady grip, not an iron one, after all, it’s just a tool.


The impact driver will continue adjusting the target, loosening or tightening it. You can move on to the next one, once you have finished fixing the previous one. Note that if you are a beginner you can switch off the driver after removal of each. Once you are a pro, you can handle the tool more swiftly without damaging it.


  • Clean the surface of the bit and the adapter off any dirt. You don’t want your impact driver to slow down and give less output in a prolonged time.
  • If you are using a manual impact driver, it’s necessary to wear gloves as you don’t know how much pressure you will have to exert to accomplish the task. Furthermore, it will save your fingers from an unfortunate pounding of a hammer.
  • Safety goggles protect the eyes against any chipped away material when using the driver to drill holes into wood or so.
  • Upon the successful completion of the task, turn off the driver. After its battery has cooled down, undo all its accessories and place them in their respective cases so that next time you can find them easily.


I hope you found this blog full of useful information and guidance. I recommend you other blogs on how to use the power tools on this site. Share the knowledge with everyone and leave your comments too.

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