How To Use Porter Cable Air Compressor

There are different sizes and shapes of air compressors, each with their unique task suited for them. Porter cable air compressor has a portable and compact design. This makes it easier for home owners looking for a portable compressor they can carry around easily.

These processors provide enough air pressure to easily work with different types of air tools. If you are still new to the world of porter cable air compressor, this information is for you. The step by step guide will show you how to use the compressor effectively.

But before we proceed, it’s important to highlight things needed to operate your air processor.

  • You will need adjustable wrench;
  • Plumber’s tape;
  • Air compressor tools;
  • Air compressor hose;
  • 115volt electric circuit;
  • Safety glasses

Step by step guide

  1. Trace the air compressor’s knob. Generally, it is located close to the air outlet. Turn the knob anti-clockwise to the very end to lock it completely.
  2. Attach the compressor to the air hose. The way you attach the air hose will depend on how the compressor is configured. But there are two major ways of doing it. You can either fix it directly on the outlet port or use the quick-connect fitting.
  3. Turn the compressors switch to make sure it’s pointing upwards (usually the off position).
  4. Place the porter cable air compressor into the right circuit ideal for the power of your compressor. Usually, there should be a dedicated 15amp circuit for the compressor.
  5. Then turn off/on the switch into the auto level. Doing this will ensure that your air compressor fills the tank. Don’t worry about timing. It shuts off automatically when the air pressure has reached the maximum capacity of its pressure switch.
  6. Connect your tool to the other side of the compressor hose. Hold the knob of the pressure regulator and continue turning clockwise till the pressure gauge identifies the right pressure of your air tool.
  7. You are almost done. You can now make use of the tools for what you intended. When you are through with the air compressor, turn off the switch.
  8. The next thing is to release the air by opening the drain valve at the base of the compressor tank. To do this, turn the thumbscrew anticlockwise. That is it.
  9. Finally, remove the porter cable compressor and store it properly for later use.

Some tips to consider

When using the porter cable compressor, make sure you follow the guidelines and instructions provided in the manual

If you want to connect your tools and the air hose without using quick connect, you may need plumber’s tape.  Circle the hose using the tape and constrict properly using an adjustable wrench. This will ensure that the connection is completely sealed.

When using the compressor, it is important to always put on a safety glass. Remember that compressing air is quite risky. Having a safety glass will prevent flying debris from making contact with your eyes. So, you need to protect your eyes and follow other safety precautions as well.

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